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Collins Precast Finishes and Textures

Utilizing our wide variety of crude material sources, along with various shades of colors, and different building designs, Collins Precast has the ability to present and offer an assortment of precast items in a wide variety of finishes and designs.


Acid Etched

This process uses acid with high pressure water to etch the surface of the concrete. This usually darkens the finish and leaves a sparkle or "sugar-cube" effect.


Thin Bricks

Featuring natural clay brick products cast into the precast wall panel, thin brick faced wall panels create the look of traditional brick but with substantial time and budget savings. Thin brick panels can be installed efficiently; directly inserted into the building structure.


Sand Blasted

A sandblast finish is regularly a harsher completion that exposes the sand and stone. This is accomplished by abrasively sandblasting the concrete to remove sand off the outside panel to expose the rest of the sand and stone. 


Custom/Form Liners

Custom form liners are placed into the forms prior to casting. The cement cures over the forms creating a beautiful and unique custom design. You can choose from a variety of liners already designed or create a design of your own.


Exposed Aggregate 

This process uses a chemical surface retarder which is applied into the forms prior to casting. The chemical retards the set of the cement so that it may be removed (usually by water blasting) the next day. This results in exposure of the aggregate while preserving its natural beauty and texture.



This requires no additional finishing. The surface is left as is, as it comes out of the form.

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