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Double Tee

   Double Tees offer a lot of flexibility in design planning and development, where they are a perfect option for structures requiring long, continuous spans. The shape of a prestressed double tee enables long clear spans where other roofing systems would require more vertical supports.

The steel prestressing strands in the legs of the Double Tee are what allows for the long, contentious spans.These strands are bunched together in the bottom of the leg, causing the double Tee to arc upward, when the floor or roof load is applied downward pressure, the precast Double Tee is designed to resist these loads in a way superior to any other roofing or floor system.


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icons8-garage-64 (1).png



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And More


  • Low introductory undertaking cost and little upkeep for the duration of the life of the item. 

  • Quicker manufacture and erection, accelerating the development procedure compared to other building systems. 

  • Higher solidness and sound obstruction, including the capacity to withstand wind, street salt, tremors and even fire. 

  • A segment free arrangement. 

  • Improved edge, structure and development. 

  • Openings for administration pipes/conduits consolidated. 

  • Utilization of precast components in outline is conceivable

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