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Beams & Columns


Beams are ordinarily viewed as basic segments and are made in one of three key shapes: Rectangular, Inverted Tee Beams, L Beams. Beams are horizontally segments that support deck pieces like double tees, hollowcore, and solid components. They can be reinforced with either prestressing strand or regular reinforced bars.


Columns are typically used to support beams and spandrels in applications such as parking structures and precast concrete structural systems of all types. They generally are designed as multilevel components ranging from a single story to six levels or more. Sizes and shapes can vary to satisfy both architectural and structural requirements.

Our Precast Beams and Columns give an adaptable answer for the basic segment of your projects. Precast Beams and Columns can be utilized for various applications from parking structures to the floor system of high rise commercial buildings. Precast beams and columns are ideal for below grade parking areas to help wipe out the requirement for a parking lot; can also be used to support heavy equipment such as overhead hoists in manufacturing facilities.


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Medical Center

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And More


  • Design flexibility, allowing long column free spans

  • Quicker installation time 
    Sustainable construction

  • Strength for heavy loads and vibration-resistance 

  • Durability/Long life/Low maintenance  

  • Resistant to moisture 

  • When joined with other precast components (hollowcore, wall panels as well as double tees), is a low cost, efficient building system

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